Pacific Series

Pacific Series

Pacific Series - Designed in Canada

All Pacific Guitars qualify for our Trade Up Plan. Upgrading is EASY.

Pacific Series guitars blend the innovative manufacturing with a master craftsman’s attention to detail, integrating the patented features developed in our Canadian Custom Shop in Kamloops, BC Canada.

Mike Miltimore, our master builder, has re-imagined the design process, reaching his goals to create the world’s best guitars for all players whether you are just starting your musical journey or need a solid instrument that will perform night after night as well as in the studio. The Pacific series guitars offer next level performance beyond their price points.

Every Pacific Series guitar is carefully designed for the perfect balance of playability, sound, feedback resistance, resonance, and durability. Our proprietary building technique guarantees each guitar to perform at the highest level.  Some of these examples can be found in the 551 series, which feature a unique top made in 1 Factory in Danshui city. This new hybrid top has been engineered to perform like a solid top with similar humidity and crack resistance, but utilizes a basswood core that has the same density as cedar (a very light tonewood) which is flanked by two ultra thin layers of Sitka sprucing.

The result is an amazing sounding top that has the best of both worlds, sound and durability!

The River Pacific P2P GA, has a double top (similar to the 2P G2) where the ultra thin spruce laminate is applied to the top with the grain direction aligned. The double top reduces cracking and has a very balanced tonality, while helping reduce unwanted feedback. The Strummer and Parlour have the same Danshui Engineered top but with walnut around a basswood core.

Part of the design process was to make a guitar that can be used on any stage around the world. The electronics on Pacific guitars integrate the revolutionary Fishman Flex series. These are the same preamps that we use on our Canadian made guitars which can be seen on the biggest stages in the world.

The formula is simple:

Great guitar + Innovative Neck System + Killer Electronics = Stage Ready Guitar!

Additional Features
  • Necks are replaceable
  • Designed for the pro player, affordable for everyone.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Included Riversong guitar booklet
  • Free Riversong wooden picks!

"I designed and personally oversee the production of all guitars. My goal is to build guitars that eliminate common place problems with existing designs by giving you the ultimate tool for your performance. The Pacific Series is that dream made for everyone. Built for beginners, hobbyist, weekend warriors and professional players, Riversong provides a great value for such an innovative guitar that feels and sounds so great. All guitars are set up and stage ready." 

Mike Miltimore
Master Builder/ CEO Riversong Guitars

In an effort to continually improve our products, pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Riversong Pacific Guitars - Made in Canada

Our Pacific Series guitars are made in Canada using parts from USA, Korea, China and Indonesia. All instruments go through a rigorous set up and quality control in our workshop in the interior of British Columbia.

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