Innovation & Art

Tension Free Design

To eliminate next tension the neck extends all the way through the body and incorporates the end block as structural support. This allows us to use less bracing giving the guitar a deeper and richer sound due to the increased resonant area.

solid one piece neck

 Unlike traditional guitars with fret boards glued to the top of the body. Riversong Guitars feature a solid neck that runs all the way under the fretboard. This eliminates the 14th fret hump that happens when the body expands or contracts differently than the neck.

Adjustable Body Angle

Our action is raised or lowered by adjusting the neck angle. This eliminates the need to adjust your action by destructively sanding your saddle. Our novel approach has an integrated strap pin used to finely adjust the angle.

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What others are saying

  • "Riversong represents 3 years of innovation, ideas & teamwork! What an incredible journey so far, can't wait to see how it unfolds. I'm PROUD to be part of what Riversong IS"
    Margo Bobrowich
  • "The greatest series of innovations in acoustic guitars since Charlie Christian."
    Jason A. Bermiller
  • "May the world be filled with MUSIC from your creation…"
    Dana-Leigh Tomada
  • Thank you for purchasing a Riversong Guitar. Since the days of building custom guitars in the back of my families music store in Kamloops, It has been my dream to bring our new patent‐pending guitars to your home and the world’s top stages! May you have many years of playing joy from your Riversong Guitar!
    Mike Miltimore
  • This is the single most amazing thing I've seen in quite a while. Fantastic job guys
    Robbie F.Facebook Fan